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We offer you some activities you can do while in Krabi

The Province of Krabi is a paradise for lovers of wild beaches and spectacular landscapes, besides being one of the world tourist destinations in terms of climbing, snorkeling, diving and kayaking.
These are some of the activities you can do during your stay in Krabi:


It is estimated that there are about 200 islands on the Krabi coast including Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Many of them are small rock formations that protrude from the sea level and that do not have terrestrial access, others are uninhabited islands with white sand beaches, corals and marine caves. To enjoy this natural beauty, do not miss our Tours !!


The beach of Railay is one of the parts of the world-wide climbing, besides being a perfect place to enjoy its impressive beach and explore the nightlife. The Railay peninsula has hundreds of routes such as climbing schools that offer guides, courses and professional equipment. Railay has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for many, with two spectacular beaches, excellent restaurants and a lively nightlife.


Is one of the most popular activities in Krabi. Mangroves, caves and of course beaches, offer great opportunities to enjoy a day in Kayak. The area of ​​Ao Nang and Railay is popular for the practice of this sport, but if you are looking for something with more adrenaline we recommend that you book with us an excursion to Ao Thalane or Bor Thor in the Tarn National Park Boke Koranee, its caves, lagoons, mangroves and caves will make you enjoy a great day full of adventures.


Krabi is surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of coastal beach, as well as 80 small tropical islands including Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. The visibility is excellent, often reaching 20 meters. There is a great marine biodiversity with around 200 different fish species and 80 types of tropical coral. all surrounded by great barriers of reef, coral walls and underwater caves, making the experience unforgettable and unrepeatable. All this is in the midst of great unevenness, swimming-through, incredible wall dives and amazing underwater caves, which makes the whole experience very adventurous and memorable.


One of the obligatory visits in Krabi is undoubtedly Crystal Lagoon, located in the Thung Teao National Park.
Thung Teao is a unique virgin forest in Thailand with spectacular flora and fauna. It has a trail of 2.7 kilometers, with a splendid panoramic view. Also known as “emerald pool” this natural lagoon enjoys warm and crystal clear waters, making them ideal for bathing.
Also, since it is part of an imposing tropical jungle, it is a perfect place to observe different species of birds and other animals.


Susan Hoi is an old cemetery of petrified shells in Laem Pho Bay. located 17 km from Krabi. This ancient cemetery according to recent scientific experts dates back more than 40 million years, despite the fact that certain locals consider that it has more than 75 million. The cemetery was formed after limestone rock and shells of fish, snails and other marine creatures were deposited in the water, creating a complex of geological relics.
The cemetery is considered one of only three in the world of the same species.


The sunsets at Ao Nang and Nopharat Thara are probably one of the best that can be observed. The monsoon rain attracts clouds that rise in the sky creating a spectacular sunset that covers the entire bay in the sumptuous lights. A walk through the port is recommended to contemplate the impressive views of the “boats of the long tail” sailing in the sea or simply enjoy sitting on a bench watching sky change colors as the sun sets.


An excursion to Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) can be exhausting, stimulating and finally highly rewarding. Once you climb the 1,257 steps leading to the Temple, you can enjoy amazing views of the rural surroundings of Krabi. You can also accompany this destination with others such as Sa Morakot or a visit to Krabi town and its local markets.

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