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Get to know the wonderful nature of Krabi.

This is the best complement to our sea tours for those who want to discover by land the beautiful region of Krabi.
It’s by living in Krabi that we have found some extraordinary spots that we would love sharing with you.
Instead of visiting the most touristic sites, Thalassa team and its certifies guides will spend the day with you kayaking on the mangrove forest, swimming on jungle blue holes, sightseeing beautiful panoramas, learning and enjoying Thai culture and cuisine or relaxing in private hot springs.

8,500 bht total for 2 persons
2,000 bht per addtional adult
1,000 bht per addiotnal kid (from 2 to 12 years)



These tours are the best complement to our boat tours, for everyone who wants to  discover the amazing land around Krabi 

The activities we have for you on this tour are Kayak tour in the mangroves, swim in the jungle natural pools, and a wonderful place for panoramic photos.


Living in Krabi, we found the most beautiful places that we would love to share with you.

This is a tour that will make soul vibrate. We will visit the Tiger Temple and the private thermal waters in a botanic garden.


With your time living in Krabi, we have found the most wonderful places, that we would love to share with you.

This is an excursion that will bring then best of you. Visiting the Tiger Cave Temple, and the amazing hot springs in a private botanical garden.


Instead of taking you to the most tourist places, the Thalassa team and your guides will take you to the most beautiful and exquisite places. We will visit one of the most interesting and unknown in Krabi. We will take you in a Long-Tail boat to visit the mangrove in a cave full of stalagmites.

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วารีรัก ฮ็อต สปริง รีทรีต





Wat Rat Upatham (Wat Bang Riang)

Than Bok Khorani National Par

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