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We present you the best-known Buddhist temple in all Krabi; without any doubt a must-see during your trip to Thailand: the Tiger Temple in Krabi.

This is a magical and historical temple for the locals, for the reasons that we will explain below, besides being the most visited temple by tourists in southern Thailand!

This peculiar Tiger Cave Temple, is located in the north of Krabi, and you can enjoy from the top of the mountain an impressive views of its limestone cliffs and lush jungle, being able to have a unique panoramic view of Krabi province!


The Tiger Temple in Krabi, is one of the most iconic temples in southern Thailand.
The locals say, that once a tiger whose roar echoed throughout the village lived in this area of Krabi. Many years later, this place was chosen by Buddhist monks for the construction of what is known today as: Tiger Cave Temple.


In the surroundings of the Tiger Temple, we will find tropical jungle along with ancient sacred trees. The limestone cliffs surround the Tiger Cave Temple, along with small caves; some of these caves are open for tourists, so we want to show them to you! During this Tiger Temple tour in Krabi, you will see around the caves, several human skeletons and decorated skulls!

Are you going to miss this?

The Tiger Temple in Krabi is a prestigious Thai Buddhist meditation center, as well as being of great importance from an archaeological and historical point of view.

10:00 to 18:00

Botanical Garden

Visit Tiger Temple

Thermal Baths


The cave located inside the Krabi Tiger Temple, is a sacred place, known for the footprints of the tiger that you will find inside, together with some interesting Buddhist statues…

Tiger Temple Tour

During the Tiger Temple tour, you will discover the real jungle of Krabi and much more! We want to explain you step by step, how this fabulous excursion in southern Thailand will unfold.

Living in Krabi, we have found some extraordinary places that we would love to share with you! The Tiger Temple tour will make your interior vibrate. We will visit the Tiger Cave Temple, a Spa with private pools, and natural hot springs with a unique beautiful botanical garden!

We will start the day discovering every corner of this wonderful Tiger Temple. You will enjoy a short walk through the Krabi jungle, while admiring its caves and cliffs that surround the impressive Tiger Cave Temple. During this beautiful walk, we will also see the houses where the Buddhist monks live, being able to understand a little bit better their customs.

This Tiger Temple tour will make you feel part of the nature!

The Tiger Temple in Krabi is also very popular for its famous steep stairs, which will take you to the top of the mountain (only 1,260 stairs. Unbelievable, right?). This is a fascinating temple in Krabi, for lovers of photography and beautiful landscapes!


After the pleasant walk around Tiger Temple in Krabi, you will enjoy a well-deserved lunch in the Kula Kasai Restaurant, an original site in Krabi on a beautiful pond with exquisite dishes and excellent views. This is the ideal moment to rest and try some of the best Thai local cuisine, while you enjoy the great views of the pond and its huge colorful fish, swimming around you…


Our next stop will be a private Spa with hot springs: Wareerak.

These exclusive natural and private hot springs are located east of Krabi, 1 hour and a half drive from Ao Nang.

Here you will enjoy one of the best spa centers in all Thailand, also considered the most beautiful in Krabi province.

It is surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, with more than 10 hectares, and also counting with a large area dedicated to fruit trees and botanical garden, intended to provide therapeutic benefits.

It’s time to relax in its private hot springs while admiring the incredible surroundings!

At this point we will offer you a spa treatment in this beautiful corner of Krabi, supervised by professionals, who will explain you how much time you should spend on each of its natural pools. Since each of these hot springs have different temperatures, you will enjoy very hot, hot and warm waters.


The Tiger Temple Tour in Krabi will make you live an unforgettable and authentic experience!

Since this is a Private Excursion, just for you, we will be able to customize it according to your needs.
Our private driver and local guide will be with you all day, to explain anecdotes and curiosities about Wat Bang Riang Temple, Ban Bor Thor and some history about their culture! This Tour is offered in several languages, upon prior request.
This Tour is offered in several languages, upon prior request.


9,000 THB for 2 persons

2,100 THB per every additional adult  

1,100 THB per every additional child (from 2 to 12 years old)

Tiger Temple Hike includes

We create immortals moments


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9.45 am: Free Round Trip at your hotel in Ao Nang

NOTE: By Mini Van

Temple ticket

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-Donation will be offered to the monks


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-Meal in restaurant

National Park

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-National Park ticket: 600 Thb/Person (included in the price)

Certified guides

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-Certified local guides

Insurance accident

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-Insurance of Civil Liability with AIG Insurance


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