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About Thalassa Tour

Jorge Fernández Picón founder of Thalassa Tour is a lawyer born in Spain. A few years ago he decided to leave behind the law as work and leave Europe with the intention of changing his life for another one in contact with nature, far from the togas and asphalt; his destination, Southeast Asia. During his trip he found impressive landscapes of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, surrounded by palm trees and tropical jungle.

After traveling for a while in Thailand to explore the natural beauty that this country offers, he decided to settle in Krabi, a region with abundant jungle, wild beaches, mangroves and incredible limestone cliffs and turquoise water.

These are some of the reasons why Krabi is one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand.

After a while, a lot of effort and not a few obstacles made his dreams come true and his real adventure began. For this, he set up a small tour company that would allow him to enjoy and share nature, seas and landscapes of incomparable beauty.

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Why choose us?

Because we have been traveling and exploring the beauty of Thailand for a long time and like you we have enjoyed different tours and excursions. We know what we like and what we do not and that is why we understand how to offer a unique and exclusive tour for our clients.

How do we differentiate ourselves from other tours?

  • Service: We offer an excellent service with European standards. As foreigners in Thailand, we know your needs and we know what you are looking for.
  • Knowledge of marine life and fauna: We are scuba divers and our passion is the ocean. We do not go to the other conventional sites in the area as long as conditions permit. We have selected the best places to enjoy the best corals and exotic fish. We also help you identify and recognize the fish and corals that we will find on the way. At the same time we are aware of the importance of conservation of our ecosystem and that is why we take all the necessary measures to not leave any type of footprint in the sea.
  • Sunset Tours: Personalized tours, trying to avoid the crowds in the morning, so you can contemplate the most spectacular sunsets that Krabi can offer you, while enjoying a delicious Thai buffet dinner on the beach.
  • Custom Private Tours: Our excursions are not conventional, that’s why we offer tailor made tours with the advantage of being able to choose your own destination or let you advise on our knowledge and experience in the area; if you allow us we will try to take you to less busy beaches where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and away from the masses as much as possible.
    In addition, the duration of the excursions are full day to make the most of an extraordinary day.
  • Exclusive Semi Private Tours: “Collective tours” with a small group of people on board.

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