An Unforgettable Experience…
Thalassa Tour is pleased to present you our new Cruise in our limited series Yacht. A unique and Eco-Tour in Krabi!


Fast as a Speedboat (2 engines with 500HP) and confortable as a catamaran (bottom with 2 wings)


With this boat you will arrive faster to the islands while enjoying the smooth sailing on board. Experience the breathtaking views of Krabi and the 4 Islands: Railay, Poda, Tup and Chicken Islands and the Night Snorkel to see the fluorescent plankton.


Choosing the best beaches at the right times, so you can enjoy the scenery and the best sunset in Krabi without the crowds.

Catamaran Cruise in Krabi

Enjoy a Cruise around Krabi islands aboard our exclusive Yacht, the Catamaran-Speedboat.
An unforgettable boat experience! Be your own captain on this Private Tour, just for you! From 1 pm to 7.30 pm, you will also enjoy the breathtaking Southern Thai Sunset and a unique activity: night snorkeling to see the fluorescent plankton, a natural phenomenon that will stay in your mind forever...

One of the best ways to get to know Krabi by sea is on board of our Hybrid Catamaran Cruise, where you will enjoy the facilities that this kind of boat offers, including a chill-out area, bathroom and sink, waterproof cushion, seats and tables in the bow and in the stern to lie in the sun, fishing equipment and portable barbecue (upon prior request), Bluetooth with stereo and mat.... All while admiring the impressive landscapes of Krabi and its islands!

Krabi has very few options for boat rental trips, not too many catamaran cruises and we are proud to say that we are the only company in Krabi which offers this cruise by a Catamaran-Speedboat; this is why we have designed this Private Krabi Boat Tour, with the idea that you can enjoy this paradise in a different way...

Our Hybrid Boat will greatly surprise you; discover its different areas, where you will enjoy privacy and a great service from our entire Team.

This is an exceptional and unique Yacht in Krabi that you will not see it twice. Since is an hybrid between a speedboat and catamaran, is capable to combine the main advantages of these 2 types of boats: on one hand, as a catamaran you will enjoy the comfort that this type of boats offer, with their seats and tables both in the stern and bow, and on the other hand, as a speedboat (and its 2 engines with 500 HP) it acquires a great speed and provides great stability while sailing, this means that you will get to the islands much faster and hence you will be able to enjoy without rush.

Our Guides, Captain and Assistants will be devoted to YOU, so that this Catamaran Cruise becomes one of the best days of your vacations in Krabi!

Your Cruise in Thailand

Krabi is world famous for its magic islands and its imposing limestone cliffs!
The most exclusive way to visit these incredible wonders of Krabi is on a Private Tour with us, on board of this Catamaran-Speedboat Cruise!

We offer you this private Boat Rental in Krabi so that during your trip to Thailand, you don’t miss anything through our Hybrid Catamaran Boat Trip, because we believe that vacations deserve to be enjoyed to the fullest!


If you are looking for a Krabi Boat Rental Experience with space and tranquility aboard a large Yacht, look no further!

We only have one aim: to sail aboard our Krabi Boat with you, offering you all kind of comforts, ensuring a very personalized service, through a comfortable and unforgettable voyage around the 4 Islands area of Krabi.

We will sail through the Andaman Sea during this cruise, with background music and the rhythm of the waves, while the sea and its breeze envelop you and invite you to admire the breathtaking views of Krabi and its islands: Railay, Poda, Chicken and Tup. You will enjoy one of the best sunsets in all of Thailand and you will snorkel during the day among corals and tropical fish at some of the best spots in the area, and at night to see the fluorescent plankton, a real treat!

This wonderful Tour starts with a welcome drink and throughout the day you will taste delicious gourmet canapés and traditional Thai dishes, finishing with a selection of tropical fruits. At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to enjoy a fabulous sunset on our way back to the pier, this is a magic moment that cannot be missed! and to conclude, we will snorkel at night to see the bioluminescent plankton, a once in a life time experience.

Exclusive Catamaran Cruise

Discover another way to get to know Krabi through our Catamaran Private Boat Trip with Thalassa Tour!


We do not propose a simple boat tour, but a full day private experience through a spectacular Sunset Yacht Cruise with Sunset AND NIGHT SNORKEL TO SEE THE FLUORESCENT PLANTON, in the paradisiacal surroundings of Krabi, where YOU will be the protagonist of a great day full of emotions and adventures!

Day snorkeling and night snorkeling

We are ocean lovers, so we will also have time, during this unique Krabi Boat Trip, to snorkel among corals and tropical fish in the best diving spots of Krabi area.

Immerse yourself in its tropical waters accompanied by our Certified Guide for a guided Snorkel session, in which we will show you all the beautiful underwater life that we will find along the way!


Due to a chemical reaction caused by the displacement of Plankton and as a defense mechanism used by these living micro-organisms against their predators, you will witness this incredible phenomenon of nature that only occurs in a few parts of the world, and with us you will be able to experience it first-hand.

Traditional food

You will not miss anything!

This amazing Private Boat Rental Experience in Krabi will start with a Welcome Drink and throughout the day you will taste a Gourmet Canapé and traditional Thai dishes, finishing with an exquisite selection of Tropical Fruits.

We believe that you will live a fascinating Experience with us, where we will combine: sun, beach, nature, gastronomy, fun, culture, FLUORESCENT PLANCTON, Catamaran, music... So that you will take unforgettable memories!

Sunset from the sea

On the return from our Private Catamaran-Speedboat Tour of the 4 islands of Krabi, you will enjoy one of the best sunsets in Thailand, a magical moment that will culminate an unforgettable day in the seductive Thai waters!

The price of this Hybrid Boat-Catamaran Tour is 


22,000 THB total from 1 to 4 People

2.100 THB per every additional adult

1.500 THB per every additional child (from 4 to 12 years old)

This Yacht adventure will start at 1 pm, and will end after sunset and night snorkeling (around 7.30 pm). If you prefer a full day tour, we are also available, just let us know!

No one else in Krabi will offer you this type of customized Catamaran-Speedboat Cruise, enjoying a friendly atmosphere, where you are our main priority!

In addition, this Catamaran Cruise is ECOLOGICAL

Are you coming?

Hybrid Catamaran-Speedboat Tour includes:

The best day during your vacations in Krabi!


plus icon

12.45 pm: Free Round Trip at any Hotel in Ao Nang

12.55 pm: Free Meeting point for Centara Grand Resort Guests: Port of Nopparatara

1.15 pm: Railay Guests: Round Trip transfer at Railay West Village Resort: 750 Thb

12.20 pm: Guests at Krabi Town. Round Trip: 1.100 Thb

12.40 pm: Guests at Klong Muang. Round Trip: 1.100 Thb

12.30 pm: Guests at Tup Kaek. Round Trip: 1.300 Thb

Transportation Prices include 1 to 3 People (100 Thb/Additional Person)

Snorkel Equipment

plus icon

-Fish Id


plus icon
Tropical fruits selection 
Beverages, Water and Coffee
Beer 100 Thb
NOTE: Vegetarian menu upon prior request

National Park

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-National Park ticket: 400 Thb/Person (included in the price)

Certified guides

plus icon

-Certified local guides

Insurance accident

plus icon

-Insurance of Civil Liability with AIG Insurance

-National Park ticket: 400 Thb/Person (included in the price)


plus icon

-Open air and shaded area
-Chill out area with seats, tables and cushions in bow and stern
-2 engines with 500 Horse Power
-Bluetooth/music system
-Snorkeling equipment
-Barbecue and fishing equipment (under previous demand)

-Insurance of Civil Liability with AIG Insurance

Check our Semi Private Tours

All our Krabi Island Tours are strictly made in small groups!


Bioluminescent Plankton Tour


$87/3,100 Thb

  • 6.5 Hours Krabi Tour
  • Speed Boat
  • Visit 4 Islands
  • Sunset
  • Night Snorkel
  • Local Guides


Crystal Water Tour


$96/3,250 Thb

  • 7.5 hours Tour
  • Speed Boat
  • Visit Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don
  • Best Snorkel Spots
  • Local Guides
  • Day Tour


Off the beaten track Tour


$  104/3,500 Thb

  • 8 hours Tour
  • Speed Boat
  • Visit non tourist Islands
  • Picture of James Bond Island
  • BBQ on the Beach
  • Local Guides

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