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Wat Bang Riang is an unusual temple that remains unknown to tourists. Located in Phang Nga province, it is a sacred temple where locals often come to pay their respect to Buddha.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country (85% of the population is Buddhist, compared to 10% Muslim), however the further south of Thailand you go, the more Muslims you will find; in fact some provinces bordering neighboring Malaysia are 95% Muslim!

This is why Wat Bang Riang Temple is even more interesting, as it has become a place of worship for local Buddhists from Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Phuket or even neighboring Khao Lak.


Mixing of culture and wild nature in Krabi!

Instead of visiting the most touristic sites in Krabi, the Thalassa Tour team has designed this excursion, customized to your needs, where the guides will spend the day with you to show you the wild side of this part of the world: Thailand.


We will visit Wat Bang Riang Temple, one of the most interesting and fameless Buddhist temples located between Phang Nga Bay and Krabi region, we will eat delicious Thai seafood in a local restaurant located next to the river that cross the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga. And finally we will take a “long tail boat” through the mangrove lake in Ban Bor Thor, to visit a prehistoric cave full of stalactites!

This private excursion is simply spectacular!

10:00 to 18:00

Long Tail Tour

Visit a Prehistoric Cave

Temple ticket


On the way to Wat Bang Riang you will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent views of the Krabi region with its imposing cliffs and lush jungle!

This temple is located in Phang Nga Province and sitting on top of the great Khao Lan Mountain, you will undoubtedly enjoy the most impressive temple in southern Thailand.

This place is out of the usual tourist circuits!


Next stop, and not far from Wat Bang Riang Temple, will be a genuine local restaurant next to the river: Seafood Restaurant Tha Sai, with succulent Thai seafood dishes, and with stunning views of the Phang Nga Mountain and its huge river.

Get ready for a great variety of local dishes, where you will taste the best seafood and fish of this part of Thailand, such as the red crab cooked the Krabi style, and clams with chili sauce.
We are sure that you will not be disappointed!


Our next and last stop will be the marvelous mangrove river in Ban Bor Thor, located north of Krabi.
Have you ever sailed in a long tail boat between mangroves, caves and limestone cliffs? This is why this place in Krabi, is unique and different from what you have seen so far in Thailand!

We will sail on a “long tail boat”, a traditional Thai wooden boat used by fishermen in Thailand.

We will cross the river through the mangroves and nearby caves. This excursion along the river is fabulous, and it is truly a wild place with its landscapes and surroundings. We will see a great variety of life, such as lungfish, mangrove blue crabs, monkeys and different species...

One of our favorites spots in this excursion to Wat Bang Riang temple and Ban Bor Thor, is the Phee Hua Toe Cave, known as “the toe cave”, which we are sure you will love it too, both for its natural beauty as well as its great historical value!

According to archaeologists' findings, this site served as a refuge in Thailand for primitive ancient cultures more than 3,000 years ago. In the Phee Hua Toe Cave we will see numerous wall paintings, as we enter the heart of the cave itself, surrounded by huge stalactites and stalagmites!

This is a unique and amazing place in Krabi!


We want to surprise you!

The Wat Bang Riang Private Tour in Krabi, is ideal for those who want to know the other side of Thailand, its natural and lesser-known wonders.
Since this is a Private Excursion, just for you, we will be able to customize it according to your needs.

Our private driver and local guide will be with you all day, to explain anecdotes and curiosities about Wat Bang Riang Temple, Ban Bor Thor and some history about their culture! This Tour is offered in several languages, upon prior request.
Discover our Wat Bang Riang Tour!


10,000 THB for 2 persons

2,200 THB per every additional adult 

1,200 THB per every additional child (from 2 to 12 years old)

Wat Bang Riang Hike includes

We want to surprise you!


plus icon

9.45 am: Free Round Trip at your hotel in Ao Nang

NOTE: By Mini Van

Kayaking Equipment

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-Waterproof bag


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-Meal in restaurant

National Park

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-National Park ticket: 200 Thb/Person (included in the price)

Certified guides

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-Certified local guides

Insurance accident

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-Insurance of Civil Liability with AIG Insurance


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