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Hong Island, also known as: Koh Hong Island is part of a beautiful group of islands, which form an unknown archipelago located on the limits of Krabi province!

Hong Islands stand out for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all Krabi, with emerald green waters and huge limestone cliffs, surrounded by vegetation and lush jungle...

In Hong Islands, we will also find the impressive Hong Island Lagoon, a natural turquoise pool, surrounded by mangroves trees and limestone rock formations! A wonder of nature...

This place is ideal to enjoy its warm waters or simply admire the landscape that you will find during our Hong Islands tour!

Our itineraries to Hong Islands in Krabi

Discover the way you wish Hong Islands and without crowds!


During our private Hong Islands tour we will take you to the most unusual and wild places in all Krabi!

You will be the captain of your own traditional Thai wooden Boat: "long tail boat", and you will be able to decide when and where to go... You will have at your fingertips the choice to explore a thousand and one islands in the Hong Islands and 4 Islands area of Krabi, in Thailand.

This is why we offer you 3 different itineraries, which have been created depending on how many islands you want to visit, how much snorkel sessions you would like to have and beaches you would like to visit:

  • 1.1 Hong Islands Krabi
  • 1.2 Hong Islands Krabi + 4 Islands
  • 1.3 Hong Islands Krabi + 4 Islands + Night Snorkel

11:00 to 20:00

Snorkel Day/Night

Choose between 3 itineraries

Long Tail Boat


Hong Island, or as the locals call it: Koh Hong Island, is an archipelago formed by a stunning group of islands close to each other. This group of islands is called the Hong Islands of Krabi, and it will be around this area where our wonderful private tour 1.1 Hong Islands Krabi will take place!

In our private tour 1.1 to Hong Islands we will visit different corners around this gorgeous area, as every island has its own charm and beauty!

This group of islands forming Koh Hong Island area in Krabi, is a must if you come to the south of Thailand!

You also need to know that Hong Island Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Koh Hong area, with an amazing landscape and viewpoint that will take your breath away!

This small island belongs to the Ao Leuk National Marine Park, and is located between the waters of Phuket and Krabi...

In this unique little beach, we will find different species of birds and fauna, such as the well-known "monitor lizard" a reptile that rather seems to be taken from the time of the dinosaurs!

In addition, if you feel like it, and since this will be a private Hong Island tour designed just for you according to your preferences, we can explore its jungle, which once served as a refuge during the Tsunami of 2,004.

Of course, another must see place is the Hong Islands Lagoon, an amazing and singular natural pool, and one of our favorites spots in all Krabi!


  • Koh Deang: Island located between Ao Nang and Hong Islands, on this small island we will snorkel and you will find incredible hard Corals, Anemones, Nemo fish, Moray Eels...
  • Pakbiar Island: Near Koh Hong, we can find this stunning beach, which is linked by white sand bank to Rai Island.
  • Rai Island: A lonely and quiet beach with crystal clear waters and coconut trees, ideal place to enjoy a yummy Thai buffet on the beach!
  • Koh Lading: Also known as "Paradise Island", it is a great location for sunbathing or snorkeling. This is a hidden beach in the Hong Islands area, surrounded by limestone cliffs, and where the Red Bull “Cliff Jumping World Championship” took place some time ago.
  • Hong Island Beach: Beautiful white sand beach with turquoise clear water and lush jungle. A really explosive mix!
  • Hong Island Lagoon: Fascinating cristal clear water natural lagoon, formed within a large limestone island, surrounded by mangroves.

As you can see we know thousands of corners in Hong Islands in Phang Nga Bay, we want to make sure that you dont miss anything during your Hong Islands tour with us!
Dont forget that this excursion to Hong Island is private and will be customized according to your needs and preferences.


In addition to the visit to Hong Islands of Krabi, and depending on the itinerary that you choose between our 3 different tours to Hong Islands, you can discover from your own “long tail boat”, the area of the 4 Islands: Chicken, Poda and Tup Islands, and also Phranang Beach in Railay Bay, where you will admire its imposing and famous sunset!


We present to you our wonderful private “long tail boat” tour: 1.2 Hong Islands Krabi Islands + 4 Islands!

The 4 Islands of Krabi are located very near to Ao Nang coast, this is why we believe that these islands are the perfect complement to the Hong Islands area!

Hong Islands or 4 Islands tour?

The Hong Islands of Krabi, are situated between Ao Nang and Phang Nga Bay, and the landscapes here are more wild, with much more limestone rocks, unspoiled islands with jungle, mangrove trees and amazing lagoons!

On the other hand, the 4 Islands area, stands out for its white sand beaches with crystal clear water, ideal for a great snorkeling session, or just to enjoy a relaxed swim in its transparent waters under the sun!

Also in this area, you will find the spectacular Railay Bay, and its most precious jewel: Phranang Beach, a unique place that you will fall in love with as soon as you see it on the horizon from your boat, with imposing limestone cliffs and stalactites, yes, you heard it right, stalactites!

And what better way than ending your tour with an amazing sunset on a Thai beach? Phranang Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all Thailand!!!

If you choose this itinerary: Hong Islands Krabi + 4 Islands, you will have the opportunity of doing 2 tours in just 1 day, since normally Koh Hong and the 4 Islands are different areas visited on different tours, as other tour operators do these tours on 2 different days.

We want to show you Koh Hong Island and 4 Islands in a private full day excursion, without rush and away from the crowds!


And to end up on the best possible way this amazing day, we recommend you our super Full Day Tour 1.3 Hong Islands Krabi + 4 Islands + Night Snorkel in Krabi!


At the end of your Hong Islands tour and the visit to the 4 Islands of Krabi with its sunset in Phranang Beach, we propose you an activity that we are sure you will never forget, and will mesmerize you because of its unique beauty! Of course, we are talking about the Night Snorkel in Krabi to see the fluorescent plankton!!!

This unique phenomenon of nature occurs just in very few places in all the world, and in Krabi we have the great privilege of being able to experience it and this is why we want to show it to you!

We highly recommend that you include this last activity in your private Hong Island Tour, in order to live this unique experience suitable for all audiences...

Our three Tours in Hong Islands


We will visit Hong Islands.

Schedule: 11 am to 6 pm

11,000 Thb para 2 personas
2,100 Thb por persona adicional
1,500 Thb por niño (entre 4 y 12 años)


Hong Islands, 4 Islands and Sunset in Phranang Beach.

Schedule: 11 am to Sunset

12,500 Thb para 2 personas
2,100 Thb por persona adicional
1,500 Thb por niño (entre 4 y 12 años)


Hong Islands, 4 Islands, Sunset Phranang Beach and Night Snorkel.

Schedule: 11 am to 8 pm

15,000 Thb para 2 personas
2,100 Thb por persona adicional
1,500 Thb por niño (entre 4 y 12 años)

Hong Island Tour includes

The tour that you can customize


plus icon
10.45 am: Free Round Trip at any Hotel in Ao Nang 11.20 am: Centara Grand Resort Guests: Centara Grand Resort Private Pier. Private Round Trip by Boat: 750 Thb 11.20 am: Railay Guests: Railay Village Resort Hotel. Private Round Trip by Boat: 750 Thb 10.20 am: Guests at Krabi Town. Private Round Trip: 1.100 Thb 10.40 am: Guests at Klong Muang. Private Round Trip: 1.100 Thb 10.30 am: Guests at Tup Kaek. Private Round Trip: 1.300 Thb NOTE: Transportation Prices include 1 to 3 People (100 Thb/Additional Person)

Snorkel Equipment

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-Fish Id


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Fried rice vegetable
Fish noodles
Spring rolls
Squid with garlic
Fried chicken with basil

SNACK: Club Sandwich (on Tours with Sunset) and Fresh Fruit

DRINKS: Beverages, Water and Coffee

NOTE: Vegetarian menu must be ordered in advance

National Park

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-National Park ticket: 300 Thb/Person (included in the price)

Certified guides

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-Certified local guides

Insurance accident

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-Insurance of Civil Liability with AIG Insurance


Here you have our other Private Tours

Tours to enjoy the privacy and wonders of the Thai islands


Customized Tour


$              148/From 5,000 Thb

  • Customized Krabi Tour
  • A partir de la 3º Persona adicional: 2.100 Thb
  • Long Tail Boat
  • Choose your own itinerary to non tourist islands
  • Local Guides


The best Snorkel


$ 170/5,750 Thb

  • A partir de la 5º Persona adicional: 2.100 Thb
  • Speed Boat
  • Sunset on Phranang Beach
  • Best Snorkel Spots
  • Local Guides


2 Days Tour


$        400/13,500 Thb

  • A partir de la 3º Persona adicional: 4.200 Thb
  • Long Tail Boat
  • Enjoy a magic night in Phi Phi Don
  • Krabi Island Tour to Phi Phi & 4 Islands!
  • Local Guides

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