“great experience!”

Trip Advisor Review on November 22, 2014

The guides, Jorge and Calo, both from Spain, are experienced guide and very friendly. fret not if you do not know Spanish, they speak ok English.

as they know the area well, they will always try to bring you to great spots that are less touristy and more personal/private. the tours were also very educational as the guides know about the most/all of the marine life present in the Krabi waters. they will also inform you beforehand of any potential dangers at various spots such as the strong currents, winds, sea urchins and hard corals.

also, if you or any of your traveling partner(s) does not know how to swim it will be fine too. since life vest are always available and the guides will pay attention to the weaker and non-swimmers. my partner was not a swimmer but they always look out for her and help her along in the waters. i felt more assured too with them around to help look after my partner since i am not a seasoned swimmer myself.

we signed up 3 tours with them. 4 islands + hong island + phi phi. the day we did the hong island, weather was really bad for us so we didn’t snorkel at all. it was a big pity but there was nothing we can do about it. the 2 days we did the 4 islands and phi phi were fine and the snorkeling was GREAT, good visibility coupled with the fun guides.

you really pay for what you get!

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Visited November 2014