Ao Thalane Hike

Discover the best and most amazing places in the province of Krabi


These excursions are the best complement for our boat tours, for those who want to discover by land the incredible Krabi region.
The activities that the Thalassa team has organized will be: kayak ride through the mangrove area, swim in natural pools in the jungle and places to photograph spectacular panoramas.

10:00 a 18:00

National Park Visit

Kayak Ao Thalane

Natural pool

We will start the day with a kayak adventure in the bay of Ao Thalane. This area was unknown to the world, except for some intrepid explorers and local fishermen. It is one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in all of Thailand. Many types of fish, birds and crabs inhabit this area along with monkeys that will accompany you and even sometimes get hooked on your kayak ! You will enjoy incredible canyons and lagoons to take pictures of the authentic nature in Krabi.

We will eat at terrace Khaothong. This place is a hidden gem in Krabi, really hard to find on your own and that is why we will take you there. You will have the pleasure of tasting the best Thai cuisine in the best outdoor environment and overlooking the spectacular Andaman coast. Do not miss one of their specialties: yellow curry crab, simply delicious!

At our next stop you will have the opportunity to explore another wonderful place Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, the National Park where the sea water meets fresh water. Here you can admire unique fauna, mangrove area and other picturesque trees, vegetation that can only survive in this specific environment.

And only available in high season (from November to April) Sa Kaeo pool. You will arrive at an authentic and surprising temple built on a limestone cliff. At 50 meters in the jungle you will discover 2 incredible natural pools. It seems just a small shallow lagoon with a surprising blue color, but you can never touch the bottom due to its 200 meters depth and it is considered the deepest land pool in ALL OF ASIA! There are very few published mentions about this fact and very few tourists have seen or have swum in it, but it is a safe place to take a bath and enjoy beautiful views surrounded by jungle and caves around the huge cliffs.

This excursion in Kayak has bee planned for that you learn and enjoy the unknown and exciting interior of exuberant Thailand.

8,500 bht total for 2  persons
2,000 bht per every additional adult
1,000 bht per every additional child (from 2 to 12 years old)

Ours hikes include…

We are always thinking about your Safety and confort


9:45h: Pick up in your hotel from Ao Nang. Free

NOTA:  In a Jeep or a MiniVan

National Park
-Free ticket for National Park, 50bth/person.
Kayaking Equipment
-Waterproof bag
Certified guides
-Certified local guides
Restaurant with panoramic views
Accident insurance
-Liability insurance AIG Insurance




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