Why Us?

We have travelled around Thailand for a long time and, like you, we have been enjoying tours and excursions. We know what we like and what we don´t about tours, therefore we firmly believe we understand how to offer a unique and unforgettable tour.

We care and understand what makes an unforgettable trip and therefore we pay particular attention to the details such as:

  • Service – We provide a high quality western service to our customers. As foreigners, we understand your needs.
  • Knowledge of the marine life and coral reefs – We are divers and our passion is the ocean. We don’t go to conventional snorkeling spots; we have handpicked the best places, always looking for exquisite corals and exotic fish. We give a post dive / snorkeling debriefing to help you recognize all the marine life found on your trip. We are also very concerned about the ecosystem; which is why we will make sure that we do not leave any environmental footprint behind.
  • Sunset Tours: Personalized tours ensuring we avoid the morning crowds so you can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets that Krabi has to offer while having delicious Thai diner on the beach.
  •  Customized private trips: our Tours are totally tailor-made which means you choose where you want to go, or you can depend on the advice of our experienced captains and guides with extensive knowledge of the area to take you to less busy beaches where you will find beauty and solace – away from the crowds as much as possible.
    Furthermore and unlike conventional tours, the duration of our excursions are a full day to make the most of a remarkable trip.
  • Exclusive Semiprivate Tours: No one else in Krabi makes “joint tours” with such a small group of people onboard !guaranteed!

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Hong Island Area

Special Sunset Tour