frequently asked questions

You will find here some of the most common questions

Tours and Itinerary

Guides and spoken language

All our guides are Thai certified. The main language in all our tours is English. We can offer Multilanguage guides although we do not guarantee the possibility to select a particular language, it will be subject to availability

What do you need to bring to your tour?

Don’t forget to bring your best swimsuit, a spare t-shirt, rain jacket, towel,  sun cream, water shoes and a sea sick pill in case you normally get sick on a boat. Please also bring the required cash to settle your day.

What tour is the best?

That depends on what you are looking for. The best spots to do snorkel are in Koh Phi Phi but it is also the most touristic place.

4 Islands area is the best combination of wild beaches and snorkel spots. It is also less touristic than Koh Phi Phi.

Hong Island is the best tour if you are looking for quiet beaches and the least touristic areas.

James Bond  and Koh Yao Noi belongs to Phang Nga bay and its ideal to admire its spectacular limestone cliffs.


All our itineraries are flexible depending on tide, weather, amount of people at the beach, etc. We always try to customize the route to give you the best spots and quiet beaches, avoiding mass tourism and finding the best possible snorkel with a proper visibility. Therefore the itinerary might be changed during the tour.

How long do you stay in each island?

We like to give time to our guests to appreciate each spot we select. We may stay around 40 min to 1h (or even more) on each place, subject to weather conditions and other circumstances.

How many people are on the semi-private tour?

We offer an exclusive and limited number of spaces in our boats in order to provide maximum room, and comfort to everyone on board so that you can feel the exclusivity of a private service at the best rate:
– Tour 4: 15 adults + 2 extra children between 4 and 12 years old allowed
– Tour 5: 17 adults + 2 extra children between 4 and 12 years old allowed
-Tour 6: 17 adults + 2 extra children between 4 and 12 years old allowed

Depending on the time of the year you come, you can find less people on board.

General questions

I can’t find your office !

All our booking are exclusively made online, our office is outside Ao nang and not easy to find, in addition we are most of the time on the water! I recommend you to check our website and catalog, all the information is there, in addition  we can also speak on the phone if you have any further questions

Pick up location

In our semiprivate tours, we will pick you up at Burger King in Ao Nang beach,. It is the main central point in Ao Nang, close to most of the Hotels, bars and restaurants. At the end of the tour, we will drop you off directly at your Hotel if it is located in Ao Nang. If your Hotel is not in Ao Nang, please let us know at the time you book the tour so we will be able to pick you up. The reason for having a meeting point in the morning is to avoid possible delays.

In our private tours we will pick you up at the reception of your Hotel in the morning and drop you off after your tour.

About weather

The rainy season in Krabi is officially from May (included) until October (included) so  this is the time of the year you should expect bad weather. Please note that just rain is not a reason to cancel a tour but strong wind and waves yes.
Concerning the weather, it’s very hard to predict because it’s changing quickly, especially when it comes to rain as it rains for a little while and then stop
Be sure that we can not control the weather and that we will never take any risk with security on board, we do our best for you to have a great day.
In case of adverse weather conditions such strong wind and waves we will cancel your tour and refund your deposit.

Which hotel we recommend?

Concerning your accommodation in Krabi, we suggest you to follow  this link and to click on the banner of our partner

In order to choose the best hotel, we have made for you a selection of our favorite one:

Ao Nang:
Ban Sainai Resort
Phu Petra Resort
Baan Habeebee Resort
Ao Nang Cliff View Resort

Klong Mueang:
Nakamanda Resort

Sunset Beach Resort
Amari Vogue
Tubkeak Boutique resort

If you book your hotel by using our link or by our web site we will give 10% discount on any of our semi private tours.

General policy on board

We can not accept pregnant women on board and children under 4 years old. If you are planning to come with kids above 4 years old we recommend you to bring some sea sick pill in case they could get sick on the boat and ear plug in order to avoid any inconvenience with the engine noise. 

As you may see, our tours are full day trip and it could be long for young child, anyway we will do our best to take care of them.

What are my best options if I have 3days in Krabi?

Our recommendation for the best things to do in 3 days in Krabi is our  Combo and SupercomboPromos

Why not elephant, cobra or tiger show?

We don’t believe in that type of business and exploitation of animals

All about my booking

If we don’t have 4 people we don’t go?

You do not need to gather 4 people, we will put together different groups in order to get the 4 minimum required.

Do I get any discount if I make 2 tours or if I have a big group?

Yes, you can check all our special promotions here

How do i pay?

To book our tours you pay online a deposit free of charge, the remaining balance will be paid cash on the day of the tour.

Can i pay the remaining balance by credit card?

Yes, you can.

If you want to pay the remaining balance by card you have to pay it online via our pay pal account and the same way you paid your initial deposit. Please note that we will ask you for a 6% pay pal fee.

I have problems to book via your online system

Maybe the problem is that you are using a mobile or tablet and sometimes does not recognize the codes, please try with a computer. Perhaps the problem is that the Wi-Fi connection is poor, please try again in a place with stronger internet connection; if you still cannot book please send us a request.

When do I have to book?

We strongly recommend you to book with enough time in advance (minimum one month) since we are a small company where our priority is quality and not quantity and it is easy for us  to be fully booked in advance.

Do i need to print my booking ?

No you don’t need 🙂